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Installation CCTV

Installation CCTV

Delishes Alarm Installation CCTV 

The Company Offers Installation Of CCTV Security and Fire Alarm Systems And Sell Cameras DVR Motion Sensors And Video Surveillance Systems Wireless Alarm System Home Automation.

Who are we? 
We source, manufacture and deliver the most competitive and easy-to-use security products direct to your door.Why are we different? 
In the complex world of security systems, our business was founded on simplicity and this is reflected in our refreshingly simple jargon free products and service. Our products are easy to use and install with the DIY enthusiast, home-owner, industry professional and business in mind. What's more, we also are security and CCTV installers and therefore we know what works and what doesn't.

What do we do? 
You’ll be pleased to know that we don’t just shift boxes! Many of our security products are developed to our own high specification and rigorous quality expectations. We sell and install :


DVR, PC-585,  AW-700VFIR,  KPC-136,  AW-600VFIR, ATIS,  LBA-H600/2.8-12,   KPC 172,  KPC-139ZCP,  KPC-139ZЕP,  ATIS  DVR-7604KT, сигнализацииSWAN Quad, SWAN PGB, LC-100, D&D, DSC, PC-1832H  PC-1864H  PC-1616H 12V 7Ah   JA-60 P UC-216 Jablotron,  JA-60,  JA-63KRG, JA-KRX , IP-DVR ,NDVR, ILDVR, DVR-0404LE-AN, ILDVR3008HT, AW-700VFIR-40/2.8-12 , AVC-482, KPC-133,  Milestone, DVR-3104, DVR-3108, DVR-3116, AVH306 ,6CH HD Network Video Recorder, AVH800A6, 6CH Mini Push Video NVR , AVN-807, AVM-357, AVM-457, AVN-257, AVTECH, AVM-359, AVM-459, AVN-812, GBD-2, SRPG, DVR0404, DVR0804, DVR1604HD-L , NVR3804 ,NVR3808,NVR3816, NVR3204, NVR3208, NVR3216, IPC-HFW3300C, IPC-HFW3200C, 2Megapixel Full HD Network IR-Bullet Camera, IPC-HFW3200S,  IPC-HD2100

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